Describe the work, providing the following information:a. Who is the artist?b. What is the title of the work?

Visit the Palace of Versailles, in Versailles, France, on Google Art Project. Scroll through the collection and click on images, or use the museum viewer, to look at the different works of art on display. From the gallery, select one painting that reflects the discussion of neoclassical style and the influence of political thought discussed in this chapter. Respond to the series of questions provided to explore the work in depth. Complete this activity after you have explored the Palace of Versailles site through the Google Art Project.c. When was the work created? Where?d. What medium was used (e.g., oil, acrylic)?e. What are the dimensions of the work?f. What is being depicted?2. Analyze the artist’s use of neoclassical techniques and conventions:a. In what ways is this work “classical”? Consider formal composition (e.g., line, rhythm, symmetry), subject matter, and style.b. In what ways does this neoclassical work differ from works of earlier periods, which also looked to the classical past for inspiration?c. Are the scale and proportion of the work related to the subject matter?3. Consider the work’s meanings:a. Based on your understanding of the revolutionary politics of the era, what message is the artist trying to convey? A work can have more than one meaning or several layers of meaning.b. What conclusions can you draw based on the subject matter and style of the work?4. Recall your initial impressions of the work:a. Does the work fit into your notion of what society was like during that period?b. How is your impression of the work affected by its presentation at Versailles?c. What other works of art or images does this work bring to your mind?d. Can you think of any similar relationship between art and present-day politics?

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