Describe two pieces of important information (e.g., a fact, concept, theory, idea, or approach) that you learned from the weeks readings, and intrigued you or impacted your thinking about teaching and learning the most.

First, clearly define or identify what these facts, ideas, concepts, theories or approaches are; and then explain why they are the most intriguing or most impactful for you, as you relate them to your own learning and teaching experience.Part 2: Takeaway points
Create a bulleted list of at least eight items that would be your take-away from the weeks reading. These items should have practical implications for your teaching practice.
Grading Rubric:
Excellent (5 points)
The paper is free from grammatical errors, uses standard English, and clear to the reader.
Intriguing or impactful ideas or concepts are clearly described with reference to the reading.
The significance of selected ideas or concepts is clearly explained with strong examples as it relates to your prior experience as a student and/or teacher; or as it relates to a conceptual change in your mind.
The points have practical implications.
The points are distinct (not repetitive).
The points are expressed with own words (not copied from the text).

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