Describe what types of audience testing you would recommend be done by the network/channel that paid for development and production of your series and why.

This paper is to take a non-scripted series concept that you have created and discuss its development process, assess the strategies involved, and weigh production and distribution considerations. You may create a new one for this final paper. Instructions:
-Begin your paper with a ‘logline’ describing your series in one or two sentences only. No more than 2 or 3 lines of text. This should be enticing and appealing as possible as if written for pitch or promotional/advertising purposes. -Follow this by a short, one-paragraph description of the series that would be useful as part of your development and pitching process. This should reflect the essential (and most interesting) aspects of the series and should contain enough information to give, for example, a network development executive a solid sense of the show. It’s ok if this contains information redundant to what is in your logline. -Use the majority of your paper to discuss — as comprehensively as possible — the process and strategy of program development, applied specifically to your series. Demonstrate that you understand each part of the process, discuss the strategic decisions to be made (if any), and state what your choice/plan would be and why. Use (appx.) the final page to discuss the following marketing, casting and distribution issues, as applied to your series: – -Discuss the casting needs and processes for your show and include the choices and strategies you would follow. -Briefly assess the potential for marketing and distribution opportunities for your series outside of the revenue resulting strictly from viewership in its home country (e.g. international sales of the series itself, licensing of the series format for production in other countries, tie-ins with sponsors’ products or services). Comment on relevant risks, concerns or problems.

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