Describe your short-term and long-term goals for Post Master of Business Analytics Given the fluctuation of economic and industry hiring trends, identify a back-up plan should your short-term goal not be immediately attainable.

How does your past education and experience support your career objectives Lastly, what aspects of your intended Simon Business School program make it a good choice for your graduate study?* Frame work : Short-term goal: – Become a junior Business Analyst – Reasons: prefer data-driven approach; the arise of big data; like to work in a team – Planning and developing business process designs for companies – Attain the skills that Business Analysts require, including communication skills, interpersonal skills – use new techniques to broaden skills Long-term goal: – In the long term, I want to become an Operations Manager. – An Operations Manager keeps the fundamentals of the role of business, and is responsible for analysing the business need, current products, services, standard operating procedures, and recommend either technical or non-technical solution for overall function improvement. Backup plan: – If I couldn’t achieve my short-term goal, my backup plan is to become a consultant. – In consulting the Business Analysts is the entry-level position. – conduct research, analyses business cases and prepare presentations. – I did a three month Internship in Accenture consulting support: – Analysts are exposed to new types of requirements specifications and new methodologies when working on different types of projects. I like to learn any methodology up to date. – Bachelor degree in Commerce, and has learned several quantitative and math subjects to strengthen my math and statistics ability. Subjects: Quantitative method, Business Statistics, Econometrics, Mathematical Economics – Internships (data analysis role): 1. ACCENTURE Strategic Consulting Analyst Nov 2017 – Feb 2018 Developed Accentures power industry database, performed market analysis and peer comparison, and pinpointed essential areas where the client could optimize to improve efficiency 2. CHINA MERCHANTS SECURITIES (CMS) Investment Assistant Jan 2017 Analyzed market trends, transaction activities, client composition changes, and compiled weekly client reports to management – team work, communication skills, interpersonal skills, critical thinking. and creativity Why choose Rochester? – curriculum – simon college

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