Describes the SL context and its relevance to the program and/or policy and/or community of practice.

please, can you edit the grammar do my references and citations can you integrate my references to personal experiences I need headings 4. Word count is 2000 words excluding, title page, content page, abstract, references and all components in the Appendix (eg journal entries). 5. Include a minimum of 3 relevant journal entries on placement experiences (in the Appendix of your report) to support your writing. Each journal entry should be approximately 300-400 words. Refer to How to Write Journal Entries in the Assessment Folder on vUWS. NOTE: JOURNAL ENTRIES are completed in relation to your SL placement experience. They are different to ONLINE REFLECTIONs on lecture content. Length: 2000 words This assignment requires you to prepare a report on SL experience integrating knowledge and skills, theory and research relevant to working with people from diverse groups. Include a description of the SL context and community examining the issues faced by people from diverse backgrounds. Reflect on the disparities between expectations and experience identifying specific skills and knowledge that have been developed including a description of a particular program (or part of) and/or policy and/or community of practice to improve educational outcomes of the agency clients. Discuss the relevance and application of skills and knowledge acquired through SL to inclusive school settings with reference to professional and ethical considerations while working with people from diverse groups. SUBMISSION DETAILS * Submit an electronic copy of your final assignment to Turnitin. * Assignments submitted late, without an approved extension, will be penalised 10% of total grade per day for late submission. Refer to the Learning Guide page 15 for information on Extensions. * You must keep a copy of your assignment. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA ? Engages with academic content through the use of at least SIX weekly readings supported by other relevant readings and relevant academic content in a way that demonstrates understanding. ? ? With reference to a relevant program and/or policy and/or community of practice, describes roles & responsibilities, skills & knowledge for teaching in inclusive settings. ? Through referring to journal entries, critically reflects on SL experiences. Incorporates relevant theory and a discussion of ethical/professional considerations. ? Presents work professionally, with clear academic writing and within the word limit. Less than 5 % quoted text. U Highly structured report; explicitly identifies the key issues; cohesive, grammatically correct structure; within word limit; very few typographic or spelling errors. With competent integration of evidence, submitted to Turnitin; original work with insignificant matches. Referencing style as for distinction, additionally complex citations or unusual source materials are cited and referenced correctly, following APA conventions Skilful reference to journal entries and a high level of critical analysis of SL experiences, integrating relevant theory and ethical/professional considerations. With reference to a relevant program and/or policy and/or community of practice, skilful and insightful integration of roles & responsibilities, skills & knowledge for teaching in inclusive settings. Discerning & perceptive discussion of the relationship between agency clientele, contextual factors and the relevant program and/or policy and/or community of practice As well as SIX weekly readings, seminal current and relevant research &/or authoritative texts have been skilfully identified & used to support and extend discussion on working with diverse groups during placement experience.

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