Determine the level and quality of the evidence using a scale (several can be found in ANAs Research Toolkit ).

Use the following guides to critique the attached article 1-a. Title describes the article b. Abstract summarizes the article c. Introduction makes the purpose clear d. Problem is properly introduced e. Purpose of the study is explained f. Research question(s) are clearly presented g. Theoretical framework informs the research h. Literature review is relevant, comprehensive, and includes recent research i. Methods section details how the research questions were addressed or hypotheses were tested j. Analysis is consistent with the study questions and research design k. Results are clearly presented and statistics clearly explained l. Discussion explains the results in relation to the theoretical framework, research questions, and significance to nursing m. Limitations are presented and their implications discussed n. Conclusion includes recommendations for nursing practice, future research, and policymakers 3. Decide if the study is applicable to your practice

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