Determine what kind of organization you want to follow to show the development of the idea you are interested in a. chronological order of sources usedb. chronological order of events in sources used

c. trend development in the sources usedd. comparison of similarities/differences of ideas in sourcese. history or definitions in sources necessary for topicUse of Summary: (Create citations that…)Summarize the main ideas that appear in more than 1 articleEmphasize the importance of an idea that appears in 1 articleSummarize the research doneEmphasize a definition (shared or not)Use of Synthesis: (Create citations that…)Combine different ideas from 2 or more articlesShow how parts of a trend can be connected from across the 5 articlesShow how a writer of one article responds to another writer of a different articleShow how the idea was developed and improved across the 5 articles

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