Determine whether you think his view accurately handles the biblical text, and explain your answer, giving specific evidence. Identify points where you think he has inaccurately described the doctrines of Scripture. Be gracious and fair in your response, not derisive or dismissive.

This Learning Activity gives you a chance to integrate and develop a theological method. Not a summary or book review, this Theological Method Paper exercises and demonstrates your critical thinking skills. This is a paper in which you demonstrate your theological method; the focus in grading is more the “how” and “why” you defend your views than “what” those views are. Use these criteria for help: Evaluate Deeres view of revelation and Scripture in light of the other readings for this course and the class discussions. You must engage with Deere’s arguments, not just make assertions about them. Evaluate his presentation for biblical accuracy. You must interact with Deere’s use of Scripture. Critique the cogency of his arguments. You must evaluate them. Write as though Deere will read your critique. Avoid summarizing the material or submitting a book review. Keep your response between 12 to 15 pages. Format your paper according to Turabian. NB (Nota Bene means note well or pay attention): Focus your response on Deeres view of revelation and the related doctrines of Scripture. Avoid wrestling with the numerous other issues raised in this book. Finally, the goal of this assignment is not to discern your ability to give or defend the professor’s view/s, but how well you defend your view/s.

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