Develop a background & analysis for the situation (based material from Howell & Griffiths & lecture, (cite pages or dates).

I. Introduction (page 1) 1. Purpose of the paper 2. Summary of paper and findings 2. The Foundation for your project (page 2-3) Select a news story about a specific gang-related Issue or event in California. Published after September 1, 2018. List the news source and date. List separately, the facts of the story. Current Situation on which your paper is based. (page 4) Indicate how the story you have selected reflects current gang trends nationally & locally. (National Gang Threat Assessment.) Develop a question about the news story The question should be based on the information drawn from the discussion on Foundation. Select and explain a Theory discussed in class to serve as the foundation for your answer to the question. (Page 5) The Answer (Based on the material you have developed) a. List your assumptions & support for your assumptions (2 Ref.) b. Consider your personal limitations (e.g. Age, education, etc.) Conclusion (Page 6) a. Explain your conclusion b. Explain how you reached your conclusion. c. Background and supporting data Required References 1. James C. Howell & Elizabeth Griffiths, Gangs in Americas Communities, 2ed Ed. 2. National Gang Threat Assessment 3. OJJDP materials. (2 min,) 4. Reference list (Four minimum for background information) 5. Lecture (subject and date) 6. Journal Articles (Two minimum, within previous three years. 7. Interview (optional, give name, date, and contact number) Appendix. 1. Include notes, drafts 2. Include any draft previously submitted 3. Other materials researched but not used

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