Develop an argument about one of the following three essays: Susan Sontags excerpt from Regarding the Pain of Others; Roxane Gays, Bad Feminist: Part One; or Marita Sturkens The Objects that Lived.

In developing your argument, you will grapple with the whole of the primary text, drawing on several other essays and additional sources (such as film, artwork, or original fieldwork) to create an intellectual context and framework, which you will use to dialogically develop an interpretive argument about the primary essay that is the focus of your inquiry. [6-7 pages]The goals are similar to the first essay, but rather than engaging an idea from a text, you will now grapple with the whole of a text the problem you find especially compelling, along with the way the author establishes his idea through evidence, analysis, use of key terms, and overall development of argument. In your own writing, you also use these skills to grapple with the ideas in the primary text, using ancillary texts and sources to help you in a variety of ways defining key terms, establishing a problem, reflecting, offering other possibilities or counterarguments, and so on. The emphasis will be on transitions between texts and reflection, positioning the ideas in the ancillary text in a way that helps further your interpretation.Primary essay choices:
Susan Sontag, from Regarding the Pain of Others (B 225-233)
Roxane Gay, Bad Feminist: Part One (B 839-847)
Marita Sturken, The Objects that Lived: The 9/11 Museum and Material
Transformation [see Classes link]Ancillary essay choices:
Eula Biss, Time and Distance Overcome (B 537-542)
Ai Weiwei, Let us Forget (B 582)
Ngugi wa Thiongo, from Decolonising the Mind (B 340-348)
Teju Cole, A Too Perfect Picture (B 971-974)
Roland Barthes, The World of Wrestling (B 202-210)
Rebecca Solnit, The Mother of all Questions (B 762-767)

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