Develop research skills to analyze the current environment of management. Conduct research on various organizations and assess their success Students will be able to research organizations and assess their managerial effectiveness

Create own question!!! Written case analyses. For each weekly period you will prepare a written analysis of an assigned case study. The cases are found at the back of the textbook in the pages beginning with C-3. The assignment is not to answer the case analysis questions at the end of the case, though these questions should be helpful for your critical thinking. The assignment is to present your own question and answer it, following the PROCESS FOR WRITTEN CASE ANALYSIS, which is given later in this course outline. The written case analyses are due on the dates shown in the SCHEDULE OF LEARNING ACTIVITIES. You should submit them using the Blackboard email system, preferably as attachments to email messages. Within a week of submitting them, you will receive feedback on these assignments. Your performance will be assessed with a grading rubric that is posted in Blackboard. Please note that if you do not email your adapt to these environmental issues. environmental issues and their impact on how organizations are developing strategies to adapt to the dynamic changes in the workplace. strategies that organizations are developing to deal with these issues Identify, discuss and describe various theories related to the development of leadership skills, motivation techniques, teamwork and effective communication. Understand and describe organizational behavior issues and their effect on organizational success. Students will be able to discuss and analyze the various managerial theories and their effect on organizational success. Grading rubrics for weekly written case analyses, written research assignments, and team discussions Grading rubrics for weekly written research assignments, and team discussions 3 case analysis by the due date, it will be treated as one week late and six points will be deducted from your rubric score. If a case analysis is more than one week late, then six points more will be deducted for every week or portion of a week that it is late. Case analyses submitted more than four weeks after their due dates will not be accepted less PROCESS FOR WRITTEN CASE ANALYSIS Your assignment is to identify one major issue in the case study, provide background for it, analyze it, and reach a conclusion. Your written work should follow the outline: BACKGROUND, ISSUE, ANALYSIS, and CONCLUSION. You should use these words as headings for your writing. Your work should be typed and double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 font. About two typewritten pages will be sufficient for this assignment. BACKGROUND: The background should establish a context for the issue. It presents the situation out of which the issue arose. It should provide enough information about the situation so that the reader can understand the issue. ISSUE: The issue should be presented as a question that can be answered YES or NO. For example, your question could be: Should this company continue to invest in emerging markets? That is a productive question since it leads to an analysis. An unproductive question could be: How did this company expand in emerging markets? That question leads only to a description of what the company did and may not force 7 any critical thinking. So always frame your question so that it can be answered YES or NO, keep the question simple, and do not ask multiple questions since that will complicate your analysis. ANALYSIS: Your analysis should examine both sides of the question. You should present at least three arguments on each side of your question, YES and NO, and your arguments should be supported by facts from the case and/or information from the reading assignment. In your analysis you should also apply at least one concept from the reading assignment. CONCLUSION: Your conclusion should answer your question, YES or NO. You should evaluate the arguments you presented in your analysis and make a decision based on the weight of the evidence. In your conclusion you should summarize the arguments that support your decision. Please note that there is no right or wrong answer. Whatever you decide is valid as long as your conclusion is supported by your analysis. Be sure to cover each component of this process adequately. Your performance on the written case analyses will be assessed with a grading rubric that you will receive at the beginning of the course

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