Did s/he use religion as an empowering factor to improve the status of women in her/his society or give voice to the voiceless? How?

o Did s/he use religion to resist against patriarchal norms of her/his society? How?
o Did s/he question any specific gender based restriction which was/has been applied against women in the name of religion? If yes, what strategy/strategies did s/he use in order to make her/his point?
o What specific strategy/ies did s/he apply in order to improve the status of women? (For example, did s/he reread or reinterpret any religious teachings of her/his time? Did s/he refer to the male founder of the religion as a role model? Did s/he reclaim any early female figures? Did s/he use the concept of human rights in the constitution of her/his respective country? ) If yes, how?
o What did s/he achieve (her/his achievements)?
see how her approach in regards to one of controversial parts of the Scriptures about women is different from the other two activists ( Laleh bakhtir , Amina wadud)

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