Digital transformation level has a negative relationship with labor cost of FMCG companies.

Problem Statement: In todays world, companies are in a busy period for digital transformation. The one of main focus point for digitalization is eliminating non value added activity and based on that, decreasing the labor cost. But in this stage, organizational memory types may reflect digitalization speed or level for companies. Some old fashion organizational memory types may resist for digitalization but some young type organizations may accelerate the change speed.To support this argument, we may check the ten-year past and see how this venture companies live long. After some calculations, we may show the labor cost effect based on digitalization for different type of organizational memories.Finally, two hypothesis that I wrote are;
2.Organizational and cultural memory characteristics directly affects the change rate of digital transformation level in FMCG sector.Yo need to support the hypothesis and may prepare a literature review based on this informations.

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