Discourse Analysis on the Portrayal of Female Politicians in the Media

Building on Assessment One (RESEARCH PROPOSAL that is attached), this assessment requires you to present your completed research report, which includes the literature review, research question, methods and the findings of your primary research. You may structure your report however you wish, but it is generally recommended that it contains the following sections: Introduction (approx. 100 words) Literature Review (approx. 1000 words) Research Question (<50 words) Research Methods Employed (approx. 400 words) Note: this section will differ slightly as compared to A2, as you will be discussing the methods in the past tense, as well as any issues or challenges you faced in undertaking them (which you may not have previously foreseen). Findings (1500+ words) What did you discover in your project? Were these findings as you (or previously scholars) predicted? Or, do they contradict previous research? How do your findings inform the field? (i.e. how does this contribute to the existing research on the topic, which you discussed in the literature review?) Conclusion (approx. 150 words) What are the overall findings of this study? How reliable are the results? (i.e. could the methodology be improved if you were to run the study again?) What are some possible directions for future research? Please read RESEARCH PROPOSAL (attached). The information in this research report is to follow on from that. When talking about the research methods and findings, please make it sound like actual data was collected. It must be convincing. Please also carry out your own research from reputable and academic sources. Thanks. Hide

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