discuss and exemplify each of the following sub-themes. References have to include the course materials and may include external references.

Assessment criteria include completeness (also based on your processing of class materials), depth of analysis, clarity and originality. Figures/Tables (2 total) may be included and wont be counted in the word budget please cross-reference and include them in an Appendix. The shift from government to governance has resulted in direct and indirect forms of collaboration among sectors. One form of collaboration is mixed networks, exemplified by the Global Fund whose purpose and modus operandi are quite distinctive. The shift to governance has also paved the road for a new role for companies, which are called to exert a responsible role through corporate citizenship (CC). However, in order for corporate citizenship to yield intangible assets, initiatives and partnerships have to be designed and managed with appropriateness and this carries specific implications for companies. In implementing CC, companies face a make or buy decision, which entails the possibility to start a corporate foundation as well as to partner with NGOs and/or IOs, after a careful consideration of the types and partnering attitudes of these institutions. In fact, the attitude towards companies of NGOs and IOs differs remarkably. Sometimes consulting companies can play a brokering role and gather organizations from different sector to scale up transformative solutions. Whether or not a foundation is created, CC strategy is often implemented also by endorsing a corporate code of conduct. Two of the first and most representative examples of multi-stakeholder voluntary codes ae the UNGC and OECD guidelines, which have attracted praises and criticisms. After the launch of these early initiatives, some UN agencies have launched their own voluntary corporate codes of conduct, such as in the case of Unicef. However, these initiatives have not been analysed yet in a systemic manner. Early evidence may suggests that the mushrooming of this vertical type of codes carries advantages and disadvantages.

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