Discuss how community policing is defined in yourcommunity.

InstructionsCommunity Policing in My CommunityTo assist you in gaining a new or enhanced understanding of how community policing is defined in your community, you will need to complete a scholarly activity that examines four areas: policing eras, citizen-police interactions, international policing, and best practices.Each area should be labeled as indicated below.
Policing Eras: This section should be at least 200 words.
Citizen-Police Interactions: Discuss how the understanding of thecommunity policing definition in your community will be helpful infostering and facilitating positive interactions between citizens and lawenforcement agencies in your community. Also, examine the impact ofexcessive force by police in your community. If there is not any record ofthe use of excessive force by police in your community, discuss whatmeasures have been taken to prevent it from happening. This section shouldbe at least 200 words.
International Policing: Discuss how well you think the communitypolicing strategies serve and protect your community in comparison to otherinternational community policing strategies. Explain how the United StatesConstitution makes law enforcement in the United States different from lawenforcement in other countries. This section should be at least 200words.
Best Practices: Based on your research, discuss at least twocommunity policing practices that you believe would allow your local lawenforcement to better serve and protect. These practices could include currentcommunity policing strategies utilized in your community, additionalstrategies that you think could be incorporated into the existing community,and/or community policing strategies that have never been used in yourcommunity but have been utilized in other communities and/or countries or areinspired by similar community policing strategies. This section should beat least 200 words.To complete this assignment, you should utilize not only your textbook, but also two outside sources. These could include your local newspaper, CSU Online Library, and/or an informational interview with a community stakeholder (e.g., individuals in community organizations, law enforcement). The completed assignment should be at least two double- spaced pages. Additionally, this assignment should be in full APA format, hence citations and references should be included.

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