Discuss how learning about events in West Virginia impacted your understanding of labor issues in the United States.

Option #2: The Mine Wars
This assignment requires you to watch a film that chronicles the struggles of coal
miners in West Virginia to form unions. The film is available for streaming on the
PBS website:
In your first paragraph, please write a concise summary of the entire film, identifying
key persons and events covered in The Mine Wars. Your reader should not be left
wondering if you viewed the film or not.
In the body of your essay (paragraphs 2,3, and 4), please discuss the struggles
presented in the film, offering as much detail as possible. Be certain to discuss the
perspectives of the miners, union leaders, and mine owners. You should devote one
paragraph to each group. As you go about this, be certain to analyze and explain,
not merely listing and describing.
Please refer to evidence in the film and cite it by indicating the time in the film.
Please address the following questions in your fifth paragraph:
o How would you evaluate the filmmakers presentation of the figure(s)? Did
the treatment seem objective? Did you detect any bias? Please explain your
In your final paragraph, please discuss how this episode fits within the larger saga of
American labor history, which our textbook covers and has been discussed in class.
any instances of plagiarism will result in a failing grade (if you are unsure what
constitutes plagiarism, please speak with Professor Welty)
you must provide evidence in your essay
o Please refer to evidence in the film and cite it by indicating the time in the
film, which should be visible by pausing the stream. Cite the time in the film
at the end of your sentence, as follows: (34:23).
you must offer your own analysis
as this is an academic writing assignment; please follow the following instructions:
o avoid contractions (e.g., do not use dont)
o avoid being too colloquial and avoid slang
o use a persons full name in his/her first mention and then use the last name
o write out numbers less than one hundred (including centuries: eighteenth
not 18th century)
o creativity is encouraged, but clarity is supreme
if you are uncertain what a word means, you should refrain from
using it (or look up its meaning and then use it if appropriate)
o avoid switching between verb tenses
for most historical writing, the past tense is most suitable
o avoid large block quotations

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