Discuss how the texts below portray (and ask a reader to think about) the relationship between health and storytelling.

What insights into the relationship between health, illness and/or ability, and narrative does your chosen text offer, and 2) how does the author employ specific aesthetic elements (e.g., figurative language, figures of speech (or sound), graphics or visuals, dramatic conventions, et cetera) to effectively enhance and artfully communicate this insight? . This is the text that you’ll be writing about:
( http://www.vincentlam.ca/media/take-all-of-murphy.pdf)1500 original words. Do not bloat your paper with extra quotes to meet the word count; 1500 words refers to your own original analysis that engages closely with textual details (i.e., total word count does not include quotations, titles, or references – just the original content youve composed
-Do NOT use a separate title page, but include a thoughtful, descriptive title at the top of your first page. Your title should introduce your reader both to the creative work you are writing about and the thrust of your analysis. Be creative and descriptive: impress me
-Include your full name, student number, TA and tutorial time, course code, and date above your title at the top right-hand corner of the first page.
Include a thoughtful title at the top of your first page. -Your title should introduce your reader both to the creative work you are writing about and the thrust of your analysis. Be creative and descriptive: impress me
– Research resources should only come from the Health Humanities Reader (One exception: the Oxford English Dictionary [OED]).
-Construct a strong, precise, insightful thesis statement
-Choose a very specific observation or textual element to focus on and elaborate that one detail in depth. Because this is a short writing assignment, there is no way your work will fully address each question/topic, text, or idea
-Ground your assignment in one critical concept/idea (e.g., homelikeness, enchantment, metaphor etc), and use that concept/idea as an interpretive tool for reading your creative text
-Dont waste words on mundane details regarding plot and so on; remember, you are in the unusual position of knowing that your reader has carefully read the texts that you are discussing. Dive right into your own observations, analyses, and supporting textual evidence.
-Your task is to persuade your reader that your insightful observations and analyses are based in sound textual evidence. REMEMBER, THE POINT OF ALL THIS IS TO TEACH YOUR READER: how does the textual detail(s) you have chosen demonstrateor perhaps even enhanceour understanding of the arts and humanitiess role in the critical study of health and illness?
-The best assignments will:
1) Define key terms and concepts, while demonstrating critical appreciation for their complexities, ambiguities, and/or deficiencies
2)Demonstrate great sensitivity to the literal and figurative meanings of words and/or images
3)Show fluency in the critical vocabulary and concepts discussed in readings and lecture
4)Make surprising, cogent connections between critical and creative texts that illuminate new and important patterns that your reader wouldnt have noticed otherwise.
5)Be precise yet insightful andit almost goes without sayingwritten with an ear and eye for style.

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