Discuss personal progress and takeaways from the Social Justice Theme. Go beyond an academic consideration of SJ, include a personal experience or insight related to the SJ fishbowl experience, your internship site, or another recent encounter.

4. Culminating Reflection Paper – (20%) Draft due: 11/9/18, Final due: 12/10/18
Please use the APA formatting guidelines for your final reflection including: 1) a cover page, 2) your name in a running header in top left corner and page numbers in top right, 3) use Times New Roman 12-pt font, 1 margins, 2.0 line spacing, and 4) APA formatting for reference list and all in-text citations. Please submit report on iLearn by deadline. Purpose: Culminating Reflection provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your learning during the semester at your field placement, incorporating feedback received from your instructor on the draft reflection and making final editing changes to reflect the final realities of your own experiences with the agency and the social justice theme this semester.
Length: 3-5 pages, excluding cover page, references, and appendicesReflection Questions:
Review your reflection journal entries & comment on the themes of your learning.
2. Consider how your agency is addressing social justice and equity issues. Focus on the issues faced by the community your agency serves. Who is or isnt showing up to receive services/resources? How does the staff feel about SJ & equity for the clients?
3. Community builder- Provide some ideas about projects that would further the mission of the agency.
4. Do some analysis of your timesheet and original learning plan. Write about your learning curve this semester at your agency. Consider if you focused on the tasks on your learning plan, or did mostly other tasks.

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