Discuss some of the key social consequences that social workers/human service workers need to be mindful of when working with clients presenting with this MH concern

Assignment 2 Reflective Learning Journal (2,250 words) In order to complete this assignment you need to attend all of the workshops; be actively involved in the large and small group discussions; as well as keeping up-to-date with the weekly readings and other online material. Key Aspects There are four sections; each with a number of individual questions in each section o all questions in each section to be answered in full Minimum of 10-12 academic sources in total for all four sections of this journal o One end References list only needed of academic sources for all four sections Assignment to be set out using the four key headings outlined below; ok to use sub-headings for each separate question also if you want to Normal 3rd person academic language to be used in Sections 1, 3 and 4 o 1st person language for your own personal reflections in Section 2 Dot points or any other indented or numbered work is not to be used in this assignment APPROXIMATE WORD COUNT 1. Models of mental health (750 words) (a) Outline the key features of the medical model of mental illness also highlighting its main strengths and weaknesses. (b) Outline the key features of a bio-psycho-social model approach; again, also highlighting its main strengths and weaknesses. (c) Choose one mental health problem (e.g. anxiety, depression, schizophrenia). ? Succinctly outline the main features and 2-3 different treatment options ?2. Lived experiences of mental health problems (400 words) Identify and discuss three different key points that stood out for you in listening to either of the guest speakers and/or to individuals speaking in the SANE films in the course e-reader listed under the title of Streamed Video File in the e-reader ? Please remember to respectfully include the names of the individual[s] you are discussing ? Give clear reasons why these three different points stood out for you and how you could take each of these three points into account when working as a human service worker in the field of mental health. 3. Practice skills in engagement and assessment (400 words) (a) Discuss key engagement practice skills when working with clients in the area of MH Social Work. (b) Discuss your understanding of effective and respectful assessment practices in MH Social Work. 4. Working with diverse population groups Choose a specific population group (e.g. young people, rural populations, older people). (a) Succinctly outline the main mental health problems facing your chosen population group; drawing on relevant academic research work (150 words) (b) Discuss a population approach to mental health targeting this group. (550 words) This discussion to include attention to the three different PA intervention levels; namely:- o primary level interventions – including health promotion & prevention strategies o secondary level interventions including early detection and early intervention strategies o tertiary level interventions to do with more direct and acute care client practices/rehabilitation Briefly outline your understanding of these three PA intervention levels; give some specific examples of how they could be applied to the mental health problems facing your chosen population group.

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