Discuss the control and/or mitigation measures currently employed, and recommend methods to improve public health policy or practice for that issue.

This required research paper project is an 9-page document that must be double-spaced.
Required to use at least 11 professional, peer-reviewed, scholarly sources in the reference page of your paper. Avoid using newspapers, lay magazines, and fact sheets. Articles from non-professional sources will not earn credit. A Medline search is a great way to locate acceptable information. The American Journal of Public Health, New England Journal of Medicine, The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, and similar publications are excellent sources. Start early to allow adequate time to find appropriate materials. You must support your opinions with data from the scientific literature. The paper must include the following:1. Title page with title of paper, your name/ID, date, and course/section. This page does not count toward the 9-page length requirement.
2. Abstract Provide a short summary of the content of the paper (less than 100 words).
3. Introduction Describe the nature and scope of problem/issue.
4. Background Include a review of past policies and practices, both successful and unsuccessful.
5. Current research efforts Discuss what potential future developments are being researched. Remember that the project is to be about a current issue using recent research. If nothing has been published in recent years, it may not be as relevant as it may appear on the surface.
6. Discussions This is the heart of the paper. Thoroughly evaluate the material you have researched. Discuss the pros and cons of various approaches. Analyze the available statistical measures provided by the researchers. Reveal the shortcomings and highlight the merits of the literature.

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