Discuss the evidence base for the aetiology of hallux limitus/rigidus

b?bl?ography ?ntroduct?on: what ?s hallux l?m?tus/r?g?tus(100-150 words) At the ma?n part ? want you to expla?n how the causes affect the body so ?t leads to hallux r?g?tus/l?m?tus.( 4 causes of 250-300 each) here are some causes that ? want you to choose from: 1)arthr?t?s of the sesamo?ds 2)long f?rst metatarsal 3)h?gh heeled shoes 4) square metatarsal head 5)elevated f?rst metatarsal 6) hypermob?le f?rst ray 7)?nceased pronat?on ?n m?dstance and toe-foot conclut?on(100-150 words) (p?ctures&graphs&taples ?f ?s poss?ble) m?n?mum 15 references

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