Discuss the non-financial factors you consider are relevant in making the decision, including an assessment whether the use of these dressings meet the environmental enhancements objectives.

You hold the position as Consultant to the Board of the New Life Trust who offers a full range of medical and surgical services across two major hospitals (Ipsborough Hospital and Pelawton Hospital). The hospitals are a national centre for environmental enhancements which incorporates green issues and a commitment to patient quality of life during and post hospital treatment. You are required to prepare a report for the Board: The senior staff within the regional burns unit based at Pelawton Hospital have proposed using a new burns dressing from the USA. Following clinical trials in the UK the dressings have been approved (by NICE) for use in the UK although no additional funding will be made available. The dressing improves recovery rates by 25% and reduces, on average, hospital in-patient stay by one day per case. It is estimated that there are 200 eligible cases each year who can receive the dressing The dressing is only replaced once every two days and on an average patient three dressings will be used. Each dressing costs $US300. Using the dressings is a highly skilled process and the manufacturers, for legal purposes, require all staff involved with burns treatments to be fully trained in the use of the dressing. The training costs are estimated to be 100,000 prior to using the dressing and 25,000 pa thereafter. A qualified nurse should take 35 minutes to apply or re-apply a dressing. Additional specialist sterile storage is required at an initial cost of 50,000 Current dressings take 20 minutes to apply / re-apply and cost 40 per dressing. Burns patients full cost 1,200 per in patient day for patients eligible to receive the new dressing. The Hospital Board consider this to be a risky project and insist on a 7% rate of return and seek a positive return within 5 years. Required Prepare a report for the Board with a clear recommendation as to the adoption of the new dressing, or not. b) Critically evaluate the financial implications of adopting the dressings incorporating any additional costs you consider appropriate. 30 marks c) Advise the Board on how they may set Value for money targets for this project. 10 marks d) An argued and rational conclusion and recommendation 10 marks e) Style, structure, flow of argument and overall presentation 20 marks

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