Discuss the positive and negative attributes of the Electronic Health Record . Specifically discuss the advantages of the EHR/EMR versus the traditional paper chart.

Chapters 1-3 Please answer the following questions using a short essay format. One to three paragraphs will typically be sufficient dependent upon the scope of the question. Each question is worth 6 points. 60 points possible. 1. Identify two ethical challenges associated with the field of health informatics. Include a brief description of the problem, the associated causative factor, and offer a remedy available to minimize or remove the risk of occurrence.2. Please list 10 of the 12 core competencies (knowledge, skills) required for utilizing the EHR/PHR which are recommended by the Joint Workforce Task Force of the American Medical Informatics Association and the American Health Information Management Association under domain II, Health Informatics Skills using the EHR. 3. Discuss the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act. Include incentives provided, the goal of the Act, and the utilization of regional extension centers in supporting the adoption of the EHR.5. Based upon your research and reading in your textbook, discuss the recommended characteristics of clinical documentation. Why is clinical documentation improvement critical to the function of the Health Information Department and considered paramount to organizational sustainability in the health care setting?6. The Institute of Medicine identified 8 core delivery functions that are required for a best on class EHR system. Name and discuss 4 of the 8 core functions.7. Explain why Health Informatics and the associated infrastructure are critically needed in today’s health care delivery system.8. Compare and contrast the difference between EHRs and EMRs. Be clear in your explanation. 9. Explain one historical ethical issue having to due with healthcare and one present having t do with genes specifically?10. Why are legal mandates, administrative rule, and policy guidance necessary in the planning, implementation, and control of the EHR platform?

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