Discuss the significance of the research. Utilize questions posed in the Establish the Significance of the Research section of this weeks readings to develop this section.

Paper will be attachedScientific Journal Article CritiqueBeing able to read and critically analyze scientific journal articles is an important part of learning and applying scientific research to environmental management.
For your Final Paper, read and critically review the journal article selected in Week Three of the course 1) Laurance, W. F., Albernaz, A. K. M., & Costa, C. D. (2001). Is deforestation accelerating in the brazilian amazon? Environmental Conservation, 28(4), 305-311. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/203158425?accountid=32521
Focus on the results section2)Thisted, R.A. (2010). What is a P-value? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Dept of Statistics and Health Studies, the University of Chicago. Retrieved from http://galton.uchicago.edu/~thisted/Distribute/pvalue.pdfTo begin, read Using a Scientific Journal Article to Write a Critical Review https://www.lib.uoguelph.ca/get-assistance/writing/specific-types-papers/using-scientific-journal-article-write-critical-review Next, utilize the information from this weeks reading to critique the selected article. The critique at a minimum should contain the following information:Introduction (about two pages)
Briefly summarize the journal article selected including the full citation for the paper, the purpose of the study, the methodology utilized, the results obtained, and the conclusions drawn by the author(s). Utilize questions posed in the Analyze the Text section of this weeks readings to develop this section.Body (about four pages)
Highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of each section of the paper (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion). Utilize questions posed in the Evaluate the Text section of this weeks readings to develop this section.Conclusion (about four pages)

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