Discuss why the research question is related to the overall topic youve mentioned and how the question is sociologically relevant. (Why is it important to social life?)

Each of you should develop a short research proposal exploring one “issue” of your choice. Your proposal should include several elements:INTRODUCTION should explain your topic, along with what experiences or socio-historical phenomena made you think of the topic.
BRIEF LITERATURE REVIEW should discuss at least 4 sociology articles which discuss the topic (not a full review of each article, 1-3 sentences max about each or think of a short paragraph tying together themes or research approaches, you may use readings from class if applicable). End this section by relating these readings to the research topic and/or an area that is not discussed by the readings this should hint at your research question.
RESEARCH QUESTION clearly state one major research question. You might have follow up questions, but try to limit these to more than three additional commentaries so that you can focus your proposal.
METHODOLOGY summarize and outline the methods to be used within the proposal. How will you answer the question? Will you use quantitative or qualitative methods? What kinds and what are they (surveys, interviews, ethnography, data analysis)? Who will be the subject of the study? How many people for your pilot study? How long will the study be? Why are you choosing these methods and how are they relevant to answering the RESEARCH QUESTION youve chosen?However; this essay should be no more than 4 pages doubles. Additionally, you are not *doing* the research, you are merely proposing a potential research project and the ways you would go about doing it.

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