-Distinguish between a legal issue and a social issue.

PLEASE only consider this assignment if you 1) completely understand the task 2) have an understanding/are familiar with Business Law and 3) If you guarantee absolutely no plagiarism. PURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT:
-To apply the principles of law studied during the semester to a practical application.
-To reinforce the correct brief writing procedures studied during the semester.

1. Issue: Should Reparations in the form of money damages be paid to descendants of
2. Parameters: TAKE A POSITION!!!!!!!!:: Pro or Con and support your position as follows:
a. Research the issue in publication or on the internet
b. Provide citations for your research
c. Submit your research and your written, typed, conclusion
d. Your conclusion should not be less than 1000 words (approx. 5-6 pages) words based on either or all of the following:
1. Constitutional Law
2. Contract Law
3. Tort Law
4. Property Law
5. Criminal Law
e. Your conclusion should include any or all of the above LEGAL ISSUES ONLY.
f. Your conclusion should not include any social, moral or ethical issues. If these are presented, assignment will not be graded.

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