Dlugash cites several factors why prison reforms in the United States have stalled. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

a. What does your research illustrate as other possible reasons why prison reform has been slow to evolve in the U.S.? b. Research and analyze at least two prison reform efforts in the U.S. and their respective outcomes. 2. Explain recidivism and how you believe it affects the prison reform debate. 3. The concept of nudging prison culture from the inside shows promise, but can it work in the United States given the historical and political context? Explain in detail. It is of utmost importance that you thoroughly discuss your answer to the questions, infuse your own experiences (if applicable) and/or state any ideas, opinions, solutions, and/or problems your research has generated. Justify your answers, ideas, opinions, positions, etc. and defend your logic. You are encouraged to expand around the main subject into areas that may validate or disprove different points of view, as it regards to the question being asked. You are expected to reference concepts, principles, lessons learned, studies, and research you studied during your program study. Therefore, the ability to illustrate the totality of your knowledge is a critical requirement. It must be a minimum of 3,000 words (excluding title page and references). It must include a separate title page. It must include a separate reference page. It must include a minimum of eight scholarly or professional citations written within the last five years. At least four of the eight references must originate from peer-reviewed journals.

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