Do you agree with Kant, or do you think that Hume is right that we are driven by inclinations, and thus that morality is imbedded in our animal nature, which is cooperative?

Quotes are required to justify a claim. State your claim then justify with a quote. In this paper please explain the ways in which Kants philosophy constitutes the Enlightenment. You should focus not only on Kants interpretation of the Enlightenment, and the connection between reason and freedom, but also on the fruit of such reason, which is to reach universal truths (the synthetic a-priori) that allow human beings to live together in equality. Such shared truths allow Kant to develop an ethical system that is absolute without requiring empirical verification and religious or political heteronomy. Why is such an ethics deontological, rather than being inspired by inclination, or as a means to another end? In what ways can Kants deontology be considered Lutheran? Or perhaps you agree with Hobbes, who believed that human beings are driven by self-interest, and thus always use others as a means to that end? Please justify the ethical system that makes the most sense to you, and explain why you think Kant is right or wrong.

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