Do you see connections between these styles of dance? What connections do you see?

Or, do you notice any social dances that have inspired film and musical theater dancing?2.Some dance historians credit the Nicholas brothers and Bob Fosse as the inspiration for Michael Jackson’s famous moves. What do you think? 3.After reading the article on hip hop, do you think hip hop has been copped? Why? 4.What do you think about the “minstrel shows?” These are regarded as highly racial as they depicted African Americans in disparaging ways. Do you see a parallel between the appropriation of the stereotypes of characters and movements in minstrel show and the “copping” of hip-hop? ***Video Links
Busby Berkeley (Links to an external site.)Vaudeville film (Links to an external site.)1948 Cyd Charisse (Links to an external site.)Dancing in the Dark Fred Astaire Cyd Charisse (Links to an external site.)The Nicholas Brothers in Stormy Weather 1943 Dunham Stormy Weather 1943 (Links to an external site.)Jack Cole (Links to an external site.)West Side Story Cool (Links to an external site
Bob Fosse Kiss Me Kate 1953 Jazz (Links to an external site.)Bob Fosse: Sweet Charity 1966 (Links to an external site.)Hey Big Spender (Links to an external site.)Bob Fosse inspires Paula Abdul (Links to an external site.)Paula Abdul’s Coldhearted Snake (Links to an external site.)Bob Fosse inspires Michael Jackson (Links to an external site.)Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean

Beyonces video inspired by Bob Fosse (Links to an external site.)Gus Giordano–Famous Jazz Dancer, teacher, choreographer (Links to an external site.)Breakdance/Hip Hop performed by Rock Steady Crew in Flashdance Movie(1983) (Links to an external site.)Hip Hop Dance Competition (Links to an external site.)Tutting (Links to an external site.)

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