does the society exist at this very moment? If so, why? If not, why not? (Note: You are requested to choose a stance and explain your stance using concepts and ideas covered in class.)

Assignment Questions:

1)Peter is fed up with the tedious and busy life as a university student. Today, he decided to have some me-time and stay alone in his locked bedroom at home. All his family members are out. He switched off his computer and mobile phone and stayed comfortably in his bed enjoying a precious moment of silence. Peter told himself, Now that I am away from my family members, friends, classmates and teachers, I am finally out of the society.

2)Fred never felt the need of belonging to any group. Nonetheless, as a PolyU freshman, he feels obliged to join the orientation activities organized by his departmental society. Back at the activities, he did a lot of things that he would otherwise choose not to do. He hates speaking up; but he yelled loudly on the podium slogans he considered stupid. He enjoys eating alone; but he had lunch boxes and chatted with other students. He dresses to outstand himself; but he put on impersonal departmental tee-shirt, which made him looked exactly like other students. More importantly, Fred observed that lots of freshmen were willing to act the same way.

Question: From a sociological point of view, how would you explain Freds choice? Meantime, how would you explain the choice of those freshmen who did not join any orientation activity?

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