Does the text convincingly get you to think critically/differently about the topic/subject matter?)

(The Norton Reader)You will be performing a critical rhetorical analysis over the readings argument and how it was made. The purpose of this essay is to critique the authors strategies in making and proving their claim, as well as judging whether or not it was successful in its argument. YOU ARE NOT WRITING ABOUT THE READINGS ISSUE OR IF YOU AGREE WITH THE AUTHOR OR NOT. NOR ARE YOU GIVING ME JUST A SUMMARY. Using the strategies discussed in class and your readings, you will analyze the chosen reading and write a 4-5 page (1200 1500 word) paper describing how the author employs the rhetorical techniques discussed in the course, contextual or situational factors that are relevant to the work and whether or not the author successfully accomplished his or her agenda based upon the elements of the rhetorical situation and use of rhetorical appeals. For example, you might look at the following, among others: Author: (Who is the author?) Purpose: (What is the author trying to accomplish? Why did the author feel the need to write the text?) Audience/Relationship to the Reader: (To whom is the text addressed?)
Context: (What are influencing factors surrounding the event of the text? Where/When was the text written?) Voice: (What is the overall tone of the text?) Genre: (What type of writing is the text?) Strategies: (How did the author write the text? Does the author follow prescribed methodologies? Does the author deviate from the norm?) Effectiveness? (Is the author rhetorically effective? Does the text move you? Your rhetorical analysis should demonstrate how the author utilizes one or more of the three elements of the rhetorical appeals: Ethos: Appeals to the character and expertise of the writer or speaker Logos: Appeals based on logic, reasoning, and evidence concerning the subject Pathos: Appeals to the beliefs and values of the audienceYou do not have to talk about ALL of these ideas, but these are merely examples to help spur your writing. This essay requires at least one outside source to help give historical context to the piece, or background on the author/issue to give exigence, but no more than three sources. The majority of the essay should focus on a close examination of your chosen reading. These outside sources, along with your primary source/chosen essay must be quoted and cited in MLA format and be included in your MLA Works Cited at the end.

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