Dont you think how it’s unfair the school dress code for girls? There is more rules for girls to follow than boys,since the schools have had the same dress code for a long time it should be update,some schools try to solve it by having uniforms. Dress codes are unfair or cant be followed for the way people are or their religious.

Since girls have to all follow more rules than boys not all girls can follow those rules.Some girls with puffy hair is hard for them to follow these rules because they cant really do anything because that’s how their hair is in the first sourceSchool dress codes under fire for unfairly punishing girls its says that,Girls of color are more likely to have braids, hair extensions and Afros. Some schools have a dress code policy that these hairstyles cant be worn or hair extensions because it would cause distractions for other students. . These rules are unfair to them some can have afros because that’s how their hair is most put their hair in braids to it doesnt get in the way
Some schools can be really strict and not allowed certain tops or pants. In Illsiana teenage girl was dress code for wearing a off the shoulder shirt. She wore it for picture day.The second source Teenager asks her high school to change its dress code she said,When 17-year-old Grace Goble was told her photo was not appropriate for the yearbook, it sparked something bigger. Goble got involved in the ongoing debate about school dress codes.After this happened Grace and the school district started a debate about how is was something dumb that they didnt approve her school picture and had to retake it for the top she was wearing and this cause a bigger problem.While other schools would approve of this.
The schools instead of changing the dress code they decided to have uniforms,but it didnt really work out. It could of been because of their religious or their parents choose On the last sourceIssue Overview: Should students have to wear school uniforms?it said that,In 2000, a student was suspended for refusing to wear a school uniform. His family said it was against their religion. As this helped in one way by not having a dress code.instead they wore uniforms,but this didnt totally work because it was against the boys religious. The school tried to solve the problem but it didnt work
Dress codes are unfairly to peoples religious and the way they are.Their is rules like girls not have puffy/Afro hair but they cant do nothing about because its the way they are,not approving of a top because it cause too much distractions and some going against their religious.

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