Drawing from relevant material in Plato, Aquinas, Machiavelli, and More, as well as your own thoughts and additional sources, evaluate these scholars views. Books to be used:

: Leo Strauss, examining Simonidess endorsement of benevolent tyranny in Xenophons Hiero or Tyrannicus, suggests that the dialogue comes as near to the teaching of [Machiavellis] Prince as the teaching of any Socratic could possibly come. Nonetheless, Strauss goes on to show that, read through a Socratic lens, the dialogue is meant to teach us decidedly un-Machiavellian lessons about the limits of politics and the virtues of philosophic wisdom. By contrast, Alexandre Kojeve, reading Hiero under the influence of Hegelwhose philosophy attempts to synthesize Socrates and Machiavellisees the dialogue as revealing the necessity for an historical process by which political actors (including both philosophers and benevolent tyrants) gradually realize the ideal underlying Hieros dilemma: the definitive conquering of nature and satisfaction of human desire through the successful institution of a universal homogenous state. From Strausss classical view, such a project, rooted in wisdom divorced from moderation, is neither philosophically sound, nor desirable in its practical consequences. Your task, in 12-15 pages, is to compare and contrast these two readings of Hiero and its relevance to modern politics.1. Plato, Gorgias (Nichols, Cornell University Press) 2. Thomas Aquinas, On Kingship (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies) 3. Machiavelli, The Prince (Mansfield, University of Chicago Press) 4. Thomas More, The History of Richard III (Logan, Indiana University Press) 5. Thomas More, Utopia (Yale, Second Edition) 6. Leo Strauss, On Tyranny (Corrected and Expanded Edition) To clarify: This is a political science paper and not a history paper. This is my final paper aka term paper and is extremely important.

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