Effect of anti-cancer drugs on cardiotox

Review paper , it can be published on any journal.Topic: Effect of anti-cancer drugs on cardiotoxicityi will provide some of references but you have to find some other references as well . please read below instruction carefuly.1.Each review article should have standard sections and sub-sections (refer to any review article for table of contents).
2.should typed in Word document with 1 inch margin all sides, Times new Roman and 12″ font with double spacing.
3.References should be cited using EndNote software and you should save your EndNote library for any final edits.Strictly no plagiarism.
4. Would like to have all the provided and other references saved in the endnote library. Pls provide us with the library as well so that we can change the style of the paper as per the journal requirement.
5.As per the required format of the review paper, the references paper which are provided would probably suffice the introduction and conclusion. Regarding the statistics part and comparison between different drugs in the families and their effect on cardiotoxicity, would like to request you to please download the reference accordingly.

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