Establish credibility by o demonstrating knowledge (strengthen your argument by citing sources quote from comments your instructor has made on your work, from other instructors, from education authorities, different pedagogical approaches) o establishing common ground (What do you, the student, have in common with the reader?

Construct an argument for getting the grade you want in this class (~750 – 1000 words). Formulate a thesis that contains a ) o demonstrating fairness (recognize that there are other perspectives on the issue), and o recognizing ethical fallacies (demonstrate your awareness around plagiarism, favouritism, bribery, bandwagon appeal. Tell the reader what you ARENT going to do in this argument) Background o Present any necessary background information a brief history of your experience with writing essays and reading literature, and any personal experience that might help inform the argument you are presenting. Lines of Argument o Present good reasons and provide evidence appeal to logic by providing examples of times where you have resisted or complied, agonized or enjoyed. cite authority and testimony (your mothers opinion is not valid in this context). establish causes and effects of getting the grade you are asking for; use inductive and deductive reasoning, recognize any logical fallacies that might hinder your argument. appeal to emotion by using descriptive language, concrete details, and figurative language. refute any opposing arguments – Note both advantages and disadvantages of opposing views. Do not commit any last minute emotional fallacies. (Dont whine!) Conclusion o Summarize your argument, offer up a metaphor for your experience. o Examine interpretations and possible criticisms of your thesis. Make any strong ethical or emotional appeals you think might help my decision. Proofread for typos and comprehension o Do you say what you mean and mean what you say?

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