Establishing a Patient Discharge Lounge to Help facilitate throughput

For your final project, you will construct a plan for a “change” within your Organization (or Organization of your choice that you research). As leaders we are constantly solving problems. This project will include the following: Describe the need for change Provide background/historical information as needed Discuss barriers or resistance to the change Discuss benefits of the change Provide recommendations, and discuss the process/strategy you will follow to implement the changes. Attached is handout to use that provides guidelines to help assist you with developing your paper. Make sure to follow APA requirements. Your final project (Strategic Leadership Change Initiative) will be 6-8 pages in length (this does not include the cover, reference pages and/or any appendices). Please make sure to include headings for each section as follows: Introduction, Problem Statement, Analysis, Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations. Please make sure to cite all sources. Sources not properly cited or not cited at all are considered plagiarism and earns a zero grade. Use scholarly journals, articles to support your research (powerpoint, youtube video, websites, wikipedia are not considered scholarly sources. If using a website-keep to a minimum-1 or 2 only.) You can take your name off your paper, and keep the identity of your Organization confidential by referring to your company as “ABC” or “XYZ” Company, prior to submitting your paper. Make sure to follow APA guidelines, especially in regards to citing sources, originality of work, and plagiarism. Handout: GUIDELINES FOR PAPERS Leadership Development & Change Management Introduction The introduction section of a paper is intended to provide the background information that is essential for the reader to understand the nature and scope of the problem you have selected and why you are researching the problem. The introduction helps the reader better understand the focus of your proposed research effort. Key literature citations may be included in the introduction to reinforce the need for researching the proposed topic and build credibility for your proposed research. The introduction is NOT intended to be exhaustive! The minimum standard for the introduction is generally three paragraphs, or approximately one to two pages in length. Problem Statement The problem statement provides a brief description of a specific Strategic Leadership Change Initiative (problem or organizational change), as a result of conducting your research. It should be clear, concise, definitive, unambiguous and readily understood by anyone who reads it. Focus on the change initiative you will be examining and express it clearly and concisely. Content (Analysis) Include key concepts and learning from weekly assignments and resources Identify strengths and limitations of your leadership style (based on results of your assessments) and how that will impact your change initiative Focus on your change initiative (barriers, resistance, how will you address these challenges) Summary and Conclusions Summary is a brief statement of the essential findings Findings state facts; conclusion represents inferences drawn from the findings The summary will make the recommendations for the solution, it does not have to be long or complicated, should be concise and straightforward Recommendations for your change initiative

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