Evaluate a cardiac complaint in a non-emergency setting Learn about Mr. Fosters personal and family history with heart disease Identify lifestyle risk factors Interview the patient to elicit subjective health information about his symptoms

This assignment provides the opportunity to conduct a focused exam on a patient presenting with recent episodes of chest pain. Interview the patient, assess the related body systems, produce a differential diagnosis Ask relevant follow-up questions to evaluate patient condition Demonstrate empathy for patient perspectives, feelings, and sociocultural background Identify opportunities to educate the patient Develop strong physical assessment skills Select and use the appropriate procedures for a focused cardiac exam Differentiate between normal and abnormal assessment findings to determine the cause and severity of the event Document accurately and appropriately Document subjective data using professional terminology Document objective data using professional terminology Demonstrate clinical reasoning skills Organize all components of a focused cardiac exam Assess risk for disease, infection, injury, and complications Create a differential diagnosis After completing the assessment, you will communicate critical information effectively to another healthcare professional, and then reflect on personal strengths, limitations, beliefs, prejudices, and values. Learning Objectives I have been having some troubling chest pain in my chest now and then for the past month. Chief Complaint Primary: Cardiovascular Secondary: Respiratory, Abdominal Body Systems of Study Abnormal Findings INTERVIEW Reports episodes of chest pain Reports diagnosis of hypertension one year ago Reports diagnosis of hyperlipidemia one year ago EXAM PMI displaced laterally S3 noted at mitral area Right side carotid bruit Fine crackles/rales in posterior bases of L/R lungs Gather Subjective Data collections by asking questions Objective Data collections Education and Empathy Documentation Self Reflection

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