Evaluate Strategies of Surveillance in Public Places

surveillance cameras helps police stop criminals and crime instead of people worrying about invading their privacy.
– You must write a research proposal (description below) as a first step toward completing this assignment
– Your paper must be 5-7 pages in length, not including your Works Cited page
– You must use at least one of our required course texts and at least three additional research sources that you find on your own (4+ total)
– You must cite all sources properly using MLA Style for in-text citation and Works Cited page:
Write a paper in which you use ideas from our readings in Unit II to develop a research project on a specific issue related to surveillance. Unlike Paper #1 in which you primarily analyzed another authors argument, your purpose in Paper #2 is to devise entirely your own argument about your chosen subject, using both course material and research sources to support your ideas. Thus, Paper #2 requires that you present a clear, informed position on a narrowly defined topic of your choice.
Finding a Topic:
The best way to identify a topic for this paper is to pay attention to the ideas or questions that spark your attention while reading our course texts or during discussions in class. We realize that not everyone comes into English 0802 interested in surveillance, so you may need to manufacture a sense of curiosity or interest in order to create the spark of attention. The better you are at being curious about what we are reading and discussing, the more likely it is that you will find something to write about that becomes interesting to you over time. We will work in class on narrowing down topics, as well.

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