Evaluate whether the meeting/activity that you attended exemplified good governance.?

To complete this essay you will have to click in the link and watch board of supervisors meeting and write an essay about it.http://contra-costa.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?publish_id=50fab8fc-e21e-11e8-9302-0050569183faThe essay needs to follow this instructions and format:Instructions: Attend a public meeting of an elected body or a political action/activity. Address
the following in your paper:
a. Descriptive evaluation:
i. Describe the meeting/activity that you attended.
ii. What did you see and hear?
iii. Did you participate?
iv. If yes, what did you do or say?
b. Personal reflection:
i. What was your reaction to the meeting/activity?
ii. How did the event apply to you?
c. Analytical evaluation:
Why or why not?
ii. In other words, did the manner in which the event was conducted
exemplify democratic values?
iii. Consider in your evaluation whether or not your event supported or
subverted American democracy. There are many definitions of good
governance and debate over what it entails. Overall, this concept relates
to how public affairs are conducted. Good governance is characterized by

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