Evaluating American Company Hyatt Hotels

Cooperative Finance Project :
Evaluate an American company. The aim of this exercise is to assess what measures should be taken to improve shareholders wealth, i.e. we start with the assumption that the current stock price does not truly reflect the firms potential value.
The company has to meet the following criteria: it has to be profitable, at least 20 percent of its assets must be fixed assets, and its capital structure must consist of both equity and long-term debt. So, for instance, a software developer is not a good prospect. For the ease of analysis students should pick a company operating in a single industry rather than a large conglomerate.
Note: (I already picked a company and started working on the introduction part) I will need to add more to my paper. I have attached the project, I used below link for finding the company. please search Hyatt Hotels corp. https://mergentonline.com/basicsearch.php You can find copies of financial statements (so called 10-Kannual, and 10-Qquarterly) that firms file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (free of charge), for instance, at http://www.sec.gov/investor/pubs/edgarguide.htm. (Go to EDGAR database and type your companys name). A number of other Internet sites may also be of help (for instance: finance.yahoo.com, www.bigcharts.com, www.cnnfn.com). Current and past information on firms can also be found in Barrons, Wall Street Journal, or the business section of the New York Times. You may recommend, for instance, a change in strategic goals, marketing strategy, debt collection policies, etc. The overriding purpose of this exercise is to familiarize students with rigorous, but at the same time creative analysis of corporate policies. The final product must rely heavily on calculations (for instance, a pro forma balance sheet and/or income statement, the impact of restructuring on profits, etc.).

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