examine an aspect of policy (subject chosen in negotiation with the module coordinator).

This work will constitute 70% of the student’s final grade.Details of the required coursework assignmentAssessment 3: The scholarly paper could be:• a critique of a policy development procedure or of the development of a specific policy in a school institution, or Ministry• a critical analysis of an educational policy or 5-Year development plan;• the establishment of a consultative procedure for policy development in an educational institution (e.g., a logical frame work and capability assessment),• an analysis and/or critique a policy issue (theory or observable policy) in terms of attention to and congruence with culturally relevant variables• the translation of a broad educational initiative or concept (e.g., special education, language learning, equality, quality, critical thinking, etc) into a precise set of policy statements,• or the evaluation of an aspect of policy in terms of the student’s own practice or experience• the proposal, presentation, expansion and analysis a school development plan with particular reference to policy issues

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