examine histories of racism, race, and racial/ethnic/national formation and identity in America (certainly one of the much-discussed, yet misunderstood, aspects of history, subjectivity, identity and identifications) through the portals of American entertainment, media, art, theinternet, and popular culture.

Have to read and watch required class reading and videos material first. Read how to Write a case pdf before start. Must Follow the prompt,Prompt: Students will prepare a case study of a pop culture incident or controversy and show how the case illustrates or exemplifies an intersectional connection between the theories from readings we have explored in the class. Paper should include a detailed account of the case and a well-supported and well-argued discussion of how it demonstrates the relation between popular culture and power, drawing on the concepts covered in the course and readings.You must use at least 12 sources/citations from the class. Double spaced.10 pages.
Class schedule( help to understand the content):
Week 2: Aug 27-30
This week, we understand the basis of contemporary social and economic organization, and how thisundergirdsthe landscape of perceived possibilities, upon which culture is produced, arranged and disseminated. This is fundamental to sense-making for the remainder of the course.
Tuesday 8/28 -Watch in class: We are Not Broke (documentary,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPHlhzRSEnw&feature=youtu.be)Thursday 8/30 -Readings to discuss:
* Harvey, D. Intro & Chapter One. A Brief History of Neoliberalism.
* Ventura, Patricia (2012). Chapter One: Understanding the Component of American Neoliberal Culture. Ashgate Publishing Group: Oxon, GBR.

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