Examine racial discrimination in voting in the 21st century in USA

ASSIGNMENTSI ASSESSMENTS PAPER: One research paper focusing on race relations in the U.S. is required for the course. Historically in the United States, people of color often faced legal and defacto discrimination which kept them from voting. It has been argued that mechanisms to prevent certain people of color from full voting participation are still being employed in the twenty-first century. Your paper is to examine racial discrimination in voting in the twenty-first century, focusing on evidence of systematic techniques or strategies used to prevent identifiable racial groups from voting in the United States. Minimum: 10 pages of double-spaced text plus citations and references. ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES FOR THE SOC 215 PAP?ER The main assignment for this paper is written on your syllabus. Below is additional information for helping you write a good paper. 1. Focus on systematic tactics/methods which discriminate against or suppress the vote of racialized groups in the United States from the year 2000 to the present. 2. Systematic does not mean an isolated case (EG. a supporter of candidate A slashes the tires of a supporter of candidate B). Systematic tactics are ones set up through groups or organizations to have a broad impact. 3. Your paper should include different types of techniques or methods used to suppress the vote or steer it to one group’s advantage. You should be able to locate at least six types or methods of discrimination. Each type or method should be explained, and a specific case or specific cases should be used to illustrate the method. The method may need some explanation as to whether it was legally or illegally done. Sometimes cases of voting discrimination are reviewed by the United States Commission on Civil Rights. For example, there was an investigation of the 2000 presidential election by the USCCR. 4. Some of these methods were historically challenged by the Voting Rights Act of 1965. A section of the act overturned was by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013. Is there evidence that this court decision permitted a return to previous methods of voting discrimination? 5. Cite all quotes in the text of your paper (author date page) and cite all information you have retrieved for your paper in the text (author date). Include full references at the end of your paper under the heading REFERENCES. The stronger your references, the better your argument. At least ten references from reliable sources should be used. Reliable sources include work from academic journals, respected investigative journalistic sources, etc. Reliable sources do not include blogs, wikipedia, etc. 1. Racialized controlling images in the media 2. Institutionalized affirmative action 3. Racism in historical context .

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