Examine the following 15 countries. Choose three countries to research. (The USA will be one of the three). You will be researching for HIV/AIDS statistics as well as any other accompanying facts that might be related. Choose from these countries: Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Haiti, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Rwanda, South Africa, USA, Afghanistan, Greece, Japan, France and Brazil.

Information that you will be researching must include:
Total population of each country chosen
Total population of each country chosen living with HIV/AIDS
Other statistics or facts about each country
Why HIV/AIDS may be higher or lower in your chosen countries (developed, undeveloped, high, middle, low income countries, educational levels, etc.)
Lastly, you are to imagine yourself as a healthcare administrator and come up with ideas and initiatives as to how to reduce HIV/AIDS in each country.
You will write your essay based on the information determined in #s 3. & 4. Above.
Using the data gathered (population of each country and population of each country living with HIV/AIDS), you are to create a bar chart for each of the two population groups for each country. Bar charts are to be done on a separate page.
The final page should be a Reference Page, listing the sources used to determine information found when completing # 3. above.

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