Explain how Vogel employs inference to the best explanation to respond to the deceiver argument. Assess this response. What is a thing in itself?

(Newton, pg 160).DO NOT use any outside sources. There is no need to use outside sources on a paper of this kind. I know the language of the text and of the discussion in lecture. If you use outside sources, it will be immediately obvious to me. Use only your brain, the text and your notes.DO NOT collaborate with other students in writing your paper. You are, of course, allowed to discuss the material and assignment with each other. But the act of writing must be done independently.DO NOT assume that your reader is familiar with the course. Your paper should be self-contained and written as if you were presenting the material to someone outside the coursewho has had no previous exposure to it.You are to write a single, well-structured essay, responding to the following prompt:Present the deceiver argument as discussed by Vogel. What is the conclusion of this argument? What is inference to the best explanation? Is such reasoning prevalent? If so, give some examples from everyday life. In answering this, make clear with what a thing in itself is contrasted and the intrinsic/extrinsic distinction. According to Langton, is lacking knowledge of things in themselves a variety of the sort of external world skepticism that Vogel discusses? Is the position that one does not know things in themselves skeptical at all? Explain. Why do some think we can know how familiar, macroscopic things are in themselves, but that we cannot know how things that are fundamental are in themselves? Relate your answer to Langtons discussion of Pirate Pete. If ones sensory experiences are transparent, can one know at least some of the features of things in themselves? Defend your answer.

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