Explain Laura Kipnis’s counterintuitive claim in her essay “Against Love” that adulterer’s are “our home-grown closet social theorists” (para. 14 in making Literature Matter Ch.9).

How does this fit into her argument? Kipnis claims in several places that we learn about love in childhood. What specifically do we learn, and how does this play into her argument?In your FIVE (5) PARAGRAPH (paragraphs, not
pages, minimum 7 sentences each paragraph) ESSAY you will have an introduction, a conclusion, and three body paragraphs. Make sure you have an original title that isn’t the assignment name; an attention-getting opening sentence; background information in your introduction; a thesis as the last sentence of the first paragraph that clearly expresses your claim; make sure you have an arguable claim; topic sentences for the three body paragraphs; and a conclusion that actually concludes. Avoid block quotes, but using regular quotes (and using them well) is highly encouraged, just be sure you cite properly. Use direct quotes and paraphrases to support your points, and I’ll set VeriCite to ignore them. The originality will reflect other phrasings. No first or second person When you’ve written, edited, PRINTED, read it through carefully, edited it some more, and polished your essay you will export or save it as a .doc or .docx file, then upload it here into VeriCite.Note that VeriCite checks it for originality against other essays. What that means is that your essay needs to be original to you. Your originality score won’t include quotes, so it should be 5-10% and no more.

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