Explain one of the following three theories that we have discussed in the course so far: Virtue Ethics, Kants Deontology, or Utilitarianism. In explaining the theory, make sure that you (1) explain the basic moral principles of the theory (e.g. Greatest Happiness Principle, Golden Mean, Categorical Imperative) and (2) how the theory recommends that we make decisions (e.g. choose the action that promotes the best consequences? act according to duty?)

In this Paper, you will be asked to explain one of the normative ethical theories that we have discussed in the course so far and apply it to a particular scenario. This paper should be organized as a typical essay with an Introduction and a Conclusion, as well as satisfying Part I and Part II as follows:

Part II
Then, explain how the theory that you discussed in Part I (either Virtue Theory, Kants Deontology, or Utilitarianism) would evaluate the morality of the following scenario:

James and Kim believe that their workplace is engaging in unethical business practices. They have decided to expose their workplace to the press. In order to determine whether they are right and to have enough evidence to support their claims they have hatched a plan to break into the office at night and look through the companys protected files.

Make sure that you clearly state whether the theory would judge that the actions of James and Kim are morally permissible, morally wrong, or morally right. Additionally, you need to support your analysis by referring to the basic moral principles of the theory that you are applying to the scenario. (A statement of the claim you defend in Part II will be your thesis. Make sure your thesis is stated in the introduction and supported by your paper).
RubricIntroduction: Introduction explains the topics discussed in the paper, includes statement of thesis and effectively engages the reader’s attention.
Conclusion: Succinctly and clearly summarizes the topics discussed and restates the thesis.
Part I: Accurately represents and clearly explains the chosen theory.
Part II: Adequately supports the claim made about how the theory discussed in Part I applies to the situation discussed in Part II.
Overall Readability and Mechanics: Free of spelling and grammatical errors. Natural and appropriate word choice.
Overall Structure and Organization: Discussion of different topics clearly indicated in text. Smooth transitions between sections, easy for reader to follow throughout.
Originality of thought: Paper demonstrates original and creative critical thinking.

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