Explain the central thesis and tenants of both interaction adaptation theory and social penetration theory.

read the directions under each part carefully. I expect that your answers include information from the readings, lectures, and outside resources (e.g., newspaper articles, magazine articles, books, scholarly journals, credible websites). Because you will be using different sources to support your answers, I expect to see in-text citations and a reference page–all written in APA 6th edition style. There is no page number requirement. However, to get top marks for each question, you must answer all parts of the question and those answers must be thorough, well-reasoned, and be supported with evidence–this will usually come from outside sources, your textbook, or when appropriate, your own life. Grammar and spelling does count as part of your grade. Answer three of the following questions below. Please rewrite each question and write your answers below. Do these two theories complement or differ from one another? Provide support for your argument.2. Explain the meanings of and the relationships among the following terms: relational outcome, comparison level, and comparison level of alternatives–which are all parts of social exchange theory (SPT). How do they help us to predict the context for optimal self-disclosure? What do they tell us about victims of domestic violence?3. Explain the central thesis and tenants of expectancy violation theory (EVT). Provide two critiques that an interpretivist scholar would have of EVT.

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