Explain the effect setting has on the characters. And how does the setting contribute to or cause the events on the island.

Using an imagery and description strategy. Use the following set up as closely as possible. But its not a big deal if you dont follow it perfectly.Intro/Thesis: Fear is generated from how you perceive a situation, and is in fact just in your head/ fear is what holds you back from surviving rather than being fearful Simons interaction with the Beast – citation 1: Chapter 8Because the fear they made up, they split up and are less likely to all make it out of the island alive

B. Body 1: Psychology of the children
a. Citation 2:Ralphs and piggys first interaction- Chapter 1
b. Citation 3: when all the kids were sad and worried they would no longer see their parents-Chapter 2

C. Body 2: their actions stem from being fearful of fear
a. Jacks pig situation
b. Jacks confrontation with ralph

D. Body 3: Why the situation fuels their imagination
a. How the childrens psychology isnt suited for this environment
b. Isolation from the rest of the world

E. Outra/Recap: Details of all points made and comparisons to the aaaaaaaa average personQuote: The thing is – fear can’t hurt you any more than a dream.
William Golding, Lord of the Flies
Using Imagery and description

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